Headshots Tuesdays are back at JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach!

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Hello & Welcome!


I am so happy you've stopped by.

I want to talk to you about helping each other's business thrive. I want to help you get back up on your feet with the confidence you deserve. 

2020 was a disastrous year for most of us, small business owners. We struggled, we closed down. we cried, we screamed but we are still standing. We need to get back up and continue on. Not only for ourselves and our children but in memory of those we lost. For us personally, we lost more than parts of our businesses, we lost dear family members and it hit hard. I hope you did not have to endure those feelings but if you did, I'm sending you a bear-sized-virtual hug. We'll be ok. We have to! Am I right? 

As the economy has hit some hard and some really hard, I've decided to do my part. I've made the decision to give a 50% DISCOUNT to any local small business owner in need of refreshing and renewing headshots to boost their business'.

Are you or someone you know in need of HEADSHOTS?

Are you located in Boca Raton or Delray Beach?

If you answered YES to those questions, send me a message right now. 

I've decided to set up Headshots Mini Sessions with a 50% Discount only on the FIRST TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH.

I will only have 4 spots open every month so if you need to come in with the discounted price, I will recommend you sign up ASAP.

These won't last more than a day.

I will set up the months ahead so that you can sign up directly through my website and it's easier for all.

It will be strictly come first, serve first since I don't have a lot of other days available every month. As of right now, I'm booked all the way through mid October. 


So when, where and what time will these Headshot Mini Sessions will take place? 


I only have a two hours block available. 4pm-7pm

Every headshots mini will be 30 minutes long. YOU MUST be on time or you lose your spot. 

You get 2 digital images included in your package. You can definitely purchase additional ones if you love them but there's no obligation whatsoever.

Each additional digital copy is $150. 

My turn-around time can be up to 2 weeks due to a heavy schedule but I promise to have them back to you before then!

You can book every single month to get new content if you need it! However, if you need fresh content every month, I have a better package just ask me about it when booking. 



I can barely wait to meet you. 

Also, remember to share with friends that can use the boost. 

The intention of these Special Headshot Mini Sessions its to help boost local businesses.

Let's help each other thrive! 


50% OFF Headshot Photo Sessions in Delray Beach and Boca Raton



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