What does photography mean to you? by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach

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Hello & Welcome! 


I'm so happy you are here. 

As you know, I've been a professional photographer for over 10 years now. I absolutely love what I do and as the years go by, I love it more. 

Photography has a deep meaning to me. 

About Jani


If I've photographed you, then I'm sure you've heard me rant about how important photography is but if you have not heard me yet, let me summarize it for you... 

One day, a photograph is all you will have left. 

Now, I don't meant to be a pessimist because I am not at all but I do want to give you perspective. 

Images are powerful. Long lasting images become our legacy so capture it well & make sure it's printed in good paper. 

Don't go cheap on what truly matters. 


If you photograph with a professional then follow through your investment with professionally printed images. 

I'm not telling you this because I want you to spend your millions, but because I know how important that investment. 


I think it's important to note, I do not hard sell.

My job is to make beautiful photographs so you want all of them & I do my job well!

Some of my clients spend $400 and others spend $4000. It's never a forced purchase!

I do have a very simple recommendation :

When you come back to see your images, what you like, you buy.

No stress, all love!

What are products I offer? 

My top products are


Wall Art (Canvas & Framed Prints)

Wall Art by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach


Heirloom Photo Albums ( 8x8, 10x10 & 12x12)

These albums are a beautiful way to keep your memories alive and around. It's also one of the top gift options at my studio!

You have to come in and touch them. Absolutely beautiful!

Heirloom Photo Albums by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach Heirloom Photo Albums by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach


& Signature Folio Boxes! 

This is my TOP Selling Item this year! Why?

Our world-class Signature Folio box are at the pinnacle of photographic presentation & gifting.
They are made from a solid timber construction that has been sanded & painted multiple times and finished in either Gloss White, Matte Black or a Sandy Oak veneer. The internals are black plush felt lined, chrome hinges and feature a lift out ribbon to assist with the removal of our professional mats. The stand out is the recessed glass window lid which allows for the top image to be showcased. The base of the box is also felt lined to prevent scratching surfaces that it’s placed on.
The box is deep enough to hold up to 25 Image Art Mats but can be configured in many ways to suit your needs. 


Signature Folio Boxes by JS Portrait Studio Delray BeachScreenshot




However, no matter what you decide to do when it comes to keeping you images alive, just make sure that you do! 

What do I mean by keeping them alive?

I mean, Print them!!!

Print them big, make an album, glue them to the wall... 

Whatever your style choice is, just make sure you can keep on looking at them. 

Showcase them in your house & at your office. 

Take pride of those beautiful images. 

Your family is your highest form of art.

You did that! Isn't that amazing?! 

Yes, it is because...

You are a creative being. You are caring person. You are AMAZING. 


Now, let's capture all of that you are... body, heart & soul !


Contact me to book your date. 





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