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I'm so grateful you stopped by! Today, I want to talk to you about what you look for in a Pet Photographer.

Beautiful In Studio Dog Photo Session

JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach is known as the Best Pet Photography Studio in Delray Beach and Boca Raton, Florida. We pour our hearts and soul into our craft but we cannot photograph all the amazing pets out there, even if we would love to, So, today I want to help you make the right decisions when choosing your own Pet Photographer! 


First and foremost, it's important you realize what's most important to you. As with any other kind of photography, you must evaluate what you are looking for in a Pet Photographer first. 

If it's


Regular Pet Photography ranges from $50 to $500. These prices vary so much depending on what the photographer includes. Whether it's prints/digitals or it's giving you the freedom to choose your own products. It does not always depend on quality but quantity, if you will. 


How much do Pet Sessions Cost?How much do Pet Sessions Cost?












JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach does not have set-on-stone packages because I love to give my clients the freedom to choose and select what they love and what they need. I do know most pet photographers include prints and or digital copies of the images into their initial prices. It is important you have it clear upfront to make sure you are not surprised by the prices or the lack of delivery. 

Beautiful Pup & Owner


As a Pet Photographer of 4 years, I can assure you if you select a Pet Photographer lacking knowledge, it will affect the end result of your images. When choosing a Pet Photographer make sure they know what they are doing. Look at the reaction your pet has with them. The interaction between photographer and pet it's incredibly important. If your pup/kitten is aggravated by their photographer you can expect it to show in the images. With that being said, Pet Photographer isn't easy, even if it seems that way. We must have enough technical knowledge plus the psychology to show your fur-baby's true personality. It takes time and effort to make it happen, so choose wisely!

Cutest Kitten Ever!

Look at your selected Pet Photographer portfolio, does it have the style you envision? The same goes for any other kind of photography, you want to make sure your Pet Photographer speaks your visual language. These will be images you'll want to look at and show off, so choose the photographer you know will create the right art for you!



Most Beautiful Husky by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach




Working as a Pet Photographer it's very similar as to my work as a Children Photographer. They behave the same so my skills remain at top to keep up with their requirements... Must be playful to keep them interested & have an agile shutter speed! Find a Pet Photographer who can keep up and understand unexpected will always happen!  


All in all, as Pet Photographers we have the honor to capture the life of your pets and it's a gift on its own. However, not every Pet Photographer will meet your needs so do a little research!

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