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Hello & Welcome! 


I"m so happy you are here. I hope you are doing well and I sure hope you are as excited about this year ending, as we are at the studio! There's been a lot of crazy, a lot of good but I think we are all ready for a new chapter... Hopefully, a much better chapter, right? 


If you've stopped at this blog post, it must be for one of two reasons... you are very curious what a "Watch me Grow Package" is OR you are hoping I mistyped the "Pet" part in it. Either way, Welcome... Let me explain. 


As you know, I'm a Delray Beach/ Boca Raton Pet Photographer.

A little intro, just in case.... I started back in 2016, when our husky escaped and suddenly, I realized I didn't have good enough images to help others find him for us. Unfortunately, we were never able to find him. It still hurts every day. That sadness turned into a need to help others never go through the same and it has taken on a life of its own. Today marks the 4th year of me, as a Pet Photographer. I can't imagine doing anything else. 

Of course, I also photograph babies and families and special occasions and I do branding photo sessions and so on... amongst all the many options I offer, a Watch Me Grow package for babies it's my most normal. I get to capture every stage and every milestone and it is truly such a beautiful experience for all involved.

Then, It occurred to me most pet parents would absolutely love that as well, right? I know we do!

When we first adopted our crazy puppy, that's what I did for him. Every 3 months, he got his very own photo session till he turned 1. It's still the one of the photo albums in our home, we look at the most. lol (We do miss when Captain was tiny and cute and less destructible lol)

So, I created this awesome and very special offer for all the amazing pet owners/parents out there! 

Whether you've just adopted a cute kitten, puppy, rabbit, turtle, bird or a baby lion, I've got a package to Watch them Grow in beautiful photographs. 

What's included, you say? Every single edited image from each of their photo session, delivered in a stunning glass USB. 

If you are thinking "this must be very expensive"... I assure you it is not.

Just imagine, a whole year of your fur-baby in photographs!

These sessions are taken every 3 months so you can see the actual growth at every session. 


As a human and fur-baby myself, I assure you, it's worth every penny!


Contact me to book your very own Watch Me Grow - Pet Edition- Package! I can barely wait to meet you & your fur-baby. 


Watch Me Grow Pet Photography Package by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach



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