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Hello & Welcome!


I'm so happy you've stopped by. 

I want to talk to you about something that means SO MUCH to me. 

I'm much like most of you. I'm a mom, a business owner & a very much so, busy bee!

Between 2020's craziness with covid19, elections, virtual school and what-not, we sometimes forget how important it is to capture our lives. I don't mean just a selfie with messy hair and tired skin but a photo session with a hair and make up artist... 

Have you ever one of those? I loveeee those! 

I love to capture them and I absolutely love being at the other end of the camera for those. 

I gifted my children and my husband a photo album of me. Was it presumptuous? No! I wanted them to remember who I am, not how messy and tired I look most days because that's not who I am. I am beautiful and talented and exciting and much more... Those photographs captured just that!

I want you to gift yourself and your loved ones the same. I want you to feel proud of those images, much like I do. 

I know what you might say... but let's talk about it. 

As a photographer of 10 years, I've heard it all! I've heard "I'm too far" or " I don't look good in pictures" or the infamous "This side is better than that side"... I want you to STOP and read this... 

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. that's it. Nothing else is needed to be said. 

You are who you are and there should be no one you love more than the body that has carried you throughout these many years. 

I want you to take in all of that and let me capture who you are, as you are. 

I want you to be goofy and silly and soft and gentle and rough and sassy... I want you to be you and let me capture that forever. 


I want to show you some of my favorite images I've captured of fantastic women who did not see their own beauty and I want you to tell me... Aren't they gorgeous? I see it and I'm sure you do as well... but they don't. 

They dislike their arms, legs, face, eyes... even the smile but they are stunning. 

So what am I saying? What's the point? 

The point is we are our hardest critics and our society has pushed us to the brink of insanity when it comes to self love and self value... I want to take you back to that place when you LOVED yourself. 

I want you to see how stunning you REALLY are. 


If you are ready and want to give it try, send me a message. We'll meet up for coffee (with our masks on!) and let's talk about creating a photo session like you've never had before; one you will absolutely love!


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