7 Tips on How to Get Ready For Your Newborn Photo Session During Covid19

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I'm so glad you've stopped by. I hope you are doing wonderfully and staying healthy. 

I wanted to talk to you about what are the steps I suggest my clients to take when getting ready for their Newborn Photo Sessions during this pandemic. 

As of right now, I'm not bringing babies into the studio because I want to minimize the risks even more than ever, so I'm only doing Newborn Photos Sessions at the comfort of your own home. I'll bring the studio to you and make sure everything is sterilized! 


Aside from that, here are my 7 tips on getting ready for your next Newborn Photo Session!


1. Once you've contacted me about photographing your newborn, we can set up a tentative date based around your due date. Since  babies typically come on their own time, you can then contact me to set up the actual session.

Babies are best photographed within the first 5-10 days of birth as they are still very sleepy, can be easily posed, baby acne hasn't appeared yet and any signs of jaundice have faded as well. So be sure to contact me as soon as possible to book your session. (However, due to Covid, I've ended up photographing babies well within their first month and they are still perfect images so don't feel bad if you didn't plan ahead. I will make sure these memories are just as wonderful!)

If you have a C-Section, let me know so we can plan on having an extra set of hands to help out with baby's shoot, whether it is Dad or someone else. Safety is always #1 priority for me.


Newborn Photography by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach


2. When we have scheduled your session we can then talk about what you expect out of it. Whether you want just familial shots with the baby, or just posed shots or a combination of both. Let me know before hand if there are certain poses you want me to try with baby or special props that you will want to use. Such as if you or your spouse are into baseball and you want a shot baby posed in a baseball mitt, etc. Any props that have meaning to you will make the photos that much more special.

Newborn Photography by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach

3. My newborn sessions typically take one hour, but plan on your newborn session being anywhere up to two hours. Because of this I typically schedule newborn sessions in the morning, around nine or ten. Babies also tend to be sleepier at this time of day. I am not shooting the entire time since it takes a bit for babies to settle down at times. Much of this time is spent switching blankets and props, getting baby fed or diaper changed/cleaning up messes and soothing baby into poses. A fussy or wide awake baby who is unwilling to fall into a deep sleep can also effect the length of the shoot but nothing to worry about, I'm pretty good at it.

Newborn Photography by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach

4. During Covid19, I shoot newborn sessions at the clients' home. This way not only is baby more comfortable but so are the parents and siblings.

Newborn Photography by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach

5. Babies are best photographed on a nice full tummy, so shortly before I am set to arrive please feed your baby. It is okay if you are still in the process of feeding when I arrive as I have a whole studio to bring into your home and set up as well.

Newborn Photography by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach

6. I photograph babies without any clothes on, sometimes with a diaper, but otherwise completely naked. Clothes take away from showing how tiny and different newborns are within their first few days of life and also makes it more difficult to capture tiny details such as hands and feet and the umbilical cord stub. For this reason please have your baby wearing only a diaper when I arrive. Also, very important to have the house a bit warm around the time I arrive. I usually suggest bringing the AC up to 78-80 degrees, 20 minutes before I arrive. A cold baby wakes up and cries, we definitely do not want that!

Newborn Photography by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach


7. If Mom, Dad and any siblings are going to be in any shots I suggest wearing simple, light and comfortable clothing for shots. If we will be shooting on a black background please make sure to have black shirts to wear. 


Newborn Photography by JS Portrait Studio Delray Beach

If you are ready to book your own at-home Newborn Photo Session, send me a message and let's talk about what your Dream Photo Session would be like! I can barely wait to hear from you! 

You can also book directly with the link below! <3 


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