A Little Secret About JS Portrait Studio - Delray Beach Family & Pet Photography Studio

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I'm sure you have wondered about JS Portrait Studio- Delray Beach Family & Pet Photography Studio. What does Jani do it? How is her Portrait Studio so successful and how does she keep up with all the work she has? 

Well, let me tell you that unlike common believe, Jani is no superwoman. She does, however, have a great love for everything she does. Jani is the mom to 3 crazily active little boys, 2 foster dogs & a very amazing ( & needy) husband. haha Jani pours over into everything she does. She's one of the most positive people you'll encounter. Although, she claims her bounciness is due to the Cuban Cafecito she drinks. 

Photography for her is more than just a job; it's her lifestyle. I know that sounds cheesy but it's true. If you ever see her just walking around or even when she goes for a jog, she'll stare into the light. Sunlight is addictive to her, she says. That's what you need in order to capture beautiful portraits; love for light and the people around it. 

So what makes Jani at JS Portrait Studio - Delray Beach Family & Pet Photography Studio better than others? She'll go the extra mile every time! Photography is something we capture to keep forever. It's a memory, it's an experience, it's a moment frozen forever in our lives. You can pass on outfits and jewelry and houses but when you capture a special occasion on your child's life, it's something they will truly treasure. It's the memory of their parents and important time in their lives. Capturing your child's life, it's sharing with them a little bit of your love for them. 

With JS Portrait Studio - Delray Beach Family & Pet Photography Studio, you'll get real moments as they happen. It will never be a stiff figure-kind of portrait. Jani always strives to keep you and your family enjoying every moment. If the kids need a break, we'll take a break and play and return to capturing the moments that make your life unique. 

We have heard many times " It's a little out of my budget" and Jani understands that and that's why she showers her loyal clients with gifts. Although the Customized Boutique Portrait Sessions are $199 with no digital or prints included, you'll always receive beautiful gifts. It's just what she does. 

Why doesn't she advertise it? Well, Jani wants these gifts to be something beautiful and personalized. Since it's not always the same for every clients, it wouldn't make sense to advertise it. Jani likes to customize every portrait session and so the gifts she gives to her clients. She also donates many of her income to different causes and rescues. Right now, she's working on Donating 50% of her Sessions' fee toward Breast Cancer Association & Husky Havens of Florida. If you are interested in helping these causes, please contact us to Book Your Session. 

I hope this article helps you get a little insight into Jani & her Delray Beach Portrait Studio! 

It was a pleasure writing for her blog - 




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